2000cc silicone gel implants available for implantation NASSAU(Bahamas)Anguilla/Italy. Please inquire. Other custom sized silicone implants require at least 2-3 months  lead time to order. Breast tissue expanders in XL sizes require 2 weeks.

   Also, B-Lite silicone(30% lighter) breast implants are available but maximum is 920cc very high profile-in EU/NASSAU(BAHAMAS) and Anguilla with lead time of about two-three weeks. 

​​​​​XL BREAST Augmentation(Enlargement) IMPLANTS 

By Dr. Ed Domanskis

Dr. Domanskis schedule satellite offices(California main office)


​   December 3-7

    December 17-21

    January 7-11

    January 21-25

    February 4-8

    February 19-22


    December 14,15




   inquire for this and other dates in satellite offices above


                                             Breast tissue expanders

 are essentially saline breast implants that either have a valve attached to them that is permanent or an indwelling metallic valve(within the upper part of expander). The external valve or port is connected to the main body of the silicone shell. The tissue expanders also come in different sizes and shapes, either standard or custom. Through a special arrangement with a manufacturer, we are able to get these in XL shell volumes. 

       These are placed through a cut around the areola or infra-mammary incision and the valve is placed below the breast where it is accessible for filling and more superficial so it can be felt and filled after the filling at surgery from outside. At surgery, after the air from the tissue expender shell is removed, it is placed into either the sub-mammary (underneath the the breast tissue only) or sub-pectoral(under the breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle) after a space to accomodate these is made. With all these breast implants, the space that can usually be made larger in the sub-cutaneous than the sub-pectoral space. Then, sterile saline to the desired volume is inserted into the tissue expander(I usually use a special filling machine for XL sizes) and the valve is attached and secured to the tubing. 

       Further expansion as desired can usually begin about one month after the initial surgery and taken in increments to the desired volume. Expansion can usually be performed  at least once per week in about 50-100cc increments with a needle(butterfly type) inserted through the valve(port).       These tissue expanders are not guaranteed by the manufacturer not to fail(leak or deflate) for longer than three months though. They are not sold as permanent implants, just temporary for breast reconstruction.


      These tissue expanders/placement are exclusively available through our office in XL sizes and surgery can be performed in US in our offices in Newport Beach/San Francisco/Miami or overseas in Italy/Anguilla. 


  Another variation now available in the US is the Aeroform tissue expander. AeroForm® Tissue Expander System is usually placed behind the chest muscle similarly to traditional saline-filled expanders, but rather than expanding via injections of saline solution, the AeroForm uses a gradual patient-controlled release of compressed gas. This is an exciting concept for my patients for it can done by them at home without the needles, ports. Unfortunately, the maximum size is only 800cc so will not get you to XL size. I have asked the manufacturer to make custom ones larger but so far they have resisted. Keep in touch for this may change but probably only after several years! The other drawback for you XL patients is that they would need to be replaced for they do feel unnatural.