​​​​​XL BREAST Augmentation(Enlargement) IMPLANTS 

By Dr. Ed Domanskis

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​​                               FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS?

My plastic surgeon says that he does XL sizes? Is it realy that much different than normal sizes?

Most definitely it is different and much more challenging. If I can give anyone advice is to seek out a plastic surgeon whose specialty like myself is the XL sizes!! 

How do I chose between a standard saline filled implant filled to XL size or a tissue expander?

 It really depends on your ultimate goal size of XL breast implants. If your goal is in the range below about 1400cc, then an overfilled standard saline implant shell could be used. If your goal is above this amount, then I recommend the saline tissue expander. 

How long is the recovery time from XL breast implant surgery?

       Since the sizes are much greater,I recommend instead of two weeks recovery, that patient does refrain from heavy activity for at least one month. Showering is usually permitted within a week of surgery. 

How much of an increase can I expect in one operation?

       It really depends on the space that I can make. If this is your first enlargement, then I usually am able to increase the size from 0 to sometimes even 1000cc. If it isn't, then I can usually increase the size of the XL implant from about 300 to 600cc depending on how long you are from the last surgery(longer the better), and if you can freely move the present implant in the space or not. Also, if you have capsular contracture or much scar tissue, the increase becomes more difficult.

Where do you do your surgeries?

        All are performed in a certified operating rooms, usually as an outpatient in either Newport Beach(my main office) but also in MIami, San Francisco, EU or Anguilla. 

Do you help with hotels care during my stay?

        Yes, we can help you with all your needs in all the cities mentioned.

What are my financing options?

        We take all credit cards, accept CARE CREDIT as well as ALPHAEON financing and even do in house financing for those patients that may not qualify. 

What type of anesthesia do you use?

         These can be performed either under IV sedation or general anesthesia administered by an MD anesthesiologist. Filling of the tissue expanders and even the saline implants can sometimes be done even under local anesthesia alone.

How long do I need to stay in the area after my operation?

      It is advisable and preferable to remain in the area from one to two weeks but this in most cases is unrealistic for our patients and some leave quite a bit earlier. PLease discuss this with me.

How do you follow your patients after the surgery?

      It is definitely preferable to see my patients after their surgery in person but I am available to all my patients anytime day or night by mobile phone, Skype or FACETIME. I do have arrrangements in place with other plastic surgeons if I am away. 

Can I have other procedures at the same time as my breast surgery?

    Yes, I very often do combined cosmetic surgery procedures like tummy tucks,XL lip enlargements with my XL procedures. 

How much experience do you have with doing XL implants?

     My specialty is XL breast implants either in first operations or in breast revisions for over past 20+ years of doing plastic surgery! We have many patients throughout the world that are available to talk with you and give you their experiences. DO NOT GO TO SOMEONE THAT DOES NOT HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE IN XL SIZES either for your first enlargement or last!!!

How do I proceed?

      You can contact our main office in Newport Beach(949)640-6324 or my office manager Rachelle (Rachelle@surgery-plastic.com) to schedule an in-person complimentary consultation in any location. If you are out of the areas of my main or satellite offices, you can also contact us to arrange either a complimentary SKYPE or FACETIME consultation. 







2000cc silicone gel implants available for implantation NASSAU(Bahamas)Anguilla/Italy. Please inquire. Other custom sized silicone implants require at least 2-3 months  lead time to order. Breast tissue expanders in XL sizes require 2 weeks.

   Also, B-Lite silicone(30% lighter) breast implants are available but maximum is 920cc very high profile-in EU/NASSAU(BAHAMAS) and Anguilla with lead time of about two-three weeks.